Iker Marcaide

CEO, Matteco & Founder and Executive Chairman, Zubi Group

Iker Marcaide, Founder of Zubi Group and Matteco
Iker Marcaide is a serial entrepreneur and impact investor who is the founder and executive chairman of Zubi Group. Zubi focuses on solving social and environmental challenges by creating and investing in impact businesses. Previously, he founded the fintech company Flywire, the first company of Spanish origin to be listed on the Nasdaq ($3.5bn 2021 IPO).

Currently, he’s co-founded Matteco, a scale-up with a mission to decarbonize the world through advanced materials technology, starting with green hydrogen and innovative next generation catalysts & electrodes. He has taken this mission to heart, serving as CEO to build a global leader in cleantech.

About Matteco

Matteco is a materials technology company with a mission to decarbonize the economy and accelerate the energy transition, starting with solutions for green hydrogen production.

The company develops high performance catalysts, catalytic coatings and electrodes, key components in producing renewable hydrogen through alkaline electrolysis and AEM.

This patented technology, built on more than 10 years of R&D, transforms the economics of green hydrogen production, reducing both capital investment and operating costs.

Matteco is a spin-off from the University of Valencia and is part of Zubi Labs, the impact company builder of the Zubi Group. Based in Valencia, Spain, it is currently expanding its manufacturing capacity to reach GW scale.