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Experience the brilliance of renowned speakers at our upcoming conference in Madrid in 2025. Gain valuable insights, listen to insightful talks, expand your knowledge, and connect with industry experts. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness these distinguished individuals take the stage. Join us and be inspired by their expertise and wisdom

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Speakers - Energy Evolution Expo

Ghada Rahal

[Future Energy Leader ,World Energy Council]
First and foremost, Ghada Rahal is an Energy Warrior. She is a Future Energy Leader at the World Energy Council. Ghada is a highly
Speakers - Energy Evolution Expo

Dr. Agis Digkas

[Visiting Professor of Environmental Policy, National Technical University of Athens]
Dr. Agis Digkas holds a PhD in geopolitical risk analysis and has extensive research activity on security and cooperation issues in
Speakers - Energy Evolution Expo

Brais Armiño Franco

[Co-founder, atlantHy]
Speaker’s Bio: Brais is an energy engineer holding dual MSc degrees in renewable energy from KTH in Stockholm and IST in Lisbon. He
Speakers - Energy Evolution Expo

Ronan Carr

[Lead Analytical Officer, BeZero Carbon]
Ronan Carr is Lead Analytical Officer at BeZero Carbon, a global ratings agency for the Voluntary Carbon Market. Prior to BeZero, Ronan
Speakers - Energy Evolution Expo

Lucia Verardi

[Senior Policy Advisor, Eurogas]
Lucia is the Senior Policy Advisor at Eurogas, an association that represents over 100 companies across the natural gas, hydrogen, and
Speakers - Energy Evolution Expo

Pamela Fann

[Founder and CEO of Integrated Solutions]
Pam, an award-winning diversity specialist, is the Founder and CEO of Integrated Solutions, an energy services company that focuses on
Speakers - Energy Evolution Expo

Abdul Malik

[SIP Manager, WRc Group]
Accomplished, results-driven mechanical engineer and project management professional with experience in design and construction
Speakers - Energy Evolution Expo

Iker Marcaide

[CEO, Matteco & Founder and Executive Chairman, Zubi Group]
Iker Marcaide, Founder of Zubi Group and Matteco Iker Marcaide is a serial entrepreneur and impact investor who is the founder and
Speakers - Energy Evolution Expo

Damilola Adeyanju

[Future Energy Leader]
Damilola serves as a Global Future Energy Leader with the World Energy Council and is a founding member and co-lead of the National
Speakers - Energy Evolution Expo

Nicolás González Casares

[Member of the European Parliament]
Born in A Coruña (Galicia-Spain) in 1972, he studied nursing at the University of Santiago de Compostela, working in 061 -Emergency