Head of Renewable Energies, Grupo Elecnor spain

Angel L. Rodriguez is a seasoned professional with over two decades of expertise in Renewable Energies and Construction. His career is marked by a passion for overcoming challenges and a relentless pursuit of knowledge, driving him forward each day.

Currently serving as the Head of Renewable Energy at Elecnor Group, Angel has held the position of Technical Director overseeing Engineering, Contracting, Sales, and Technical Office since February 2010. Based in Spain, he has spearheaded various projects in Wind, Photovoltaic, and Hydrogen power generation plants.

Under his leadership, Elecnor Group has executed numerous notable projects, including the development of significant photovoltaic plants such as the Perseo Foton Solar Parks totaling 126 MW, comprising Perseo Foton I, II, and III. Additionally, Angel has overseen the Brovales Solar Parks with a collective capacity of 250 MW, including Apicio, Nertobriga, Beturia, Ardila, and Cincinnatus Solar Parks.

Angel L. Rodriguez’s commitment to innovation, coupled with his deep understanding of renewable energy systems and construction methodologies, has been instrumental in driving Elecnor Group’s success in the sustainable energy sector. His dedication to excellence continues to shape the future of renewable energy initiatives globally.