Prof. Mohammed Abbadi

Associate professor, National School of Applied sciences Morocco

Dr. Mohammad Abbadi is an accomplished academic and researcher renowned for his expertise in mechanical engineering, materials science, and structural integrity. With a career spanning over two decades, Dr. Abbadi has made significant contributions to academia, industry, and research institutions worldwide.

Dr. Abbadi currently serves as an Associate Professor at the University of Oujda, National School of Applied Sciences in Morocco, a position he has held since May 2014. His commitment to education extends beyond borders, as evidenced by his various international teaching engagements. Notably, he has lectured at prestigious institutions such as the FST of Errachidia in Morocco, ENSEM of Nancy in France, and Manipal Academy of Higher Education in Dubai, UAE.

Throughout his career, Dr. Abbadi has been a dedicated educator, imparting knowledge in a diverse range of subjects including fatigue and damage of structures, durability of materials and structures, design for manufacture and assembly, fracture mechanics, solid mechanics, and strength of materials. His pedagogical prowess has earned him accolades from students and colleagues alike.

In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Dr. Abbadi has made significant contributions to research in the field of mechanical engineering. He has held various research positions at esteemed institutions such as the Ecole polytechnique de Paris in France, CRP Henri Tudor in Luxembourg, and the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre in the Netherlands.

Dr. Abbadi’s research interests are broad and encompass areas such as fatigue and fracture mechanics, numerical simulation, materials characterization, and reliability engineering. His pioneering work on multiaxial fatigue under non-proportional loading and fatigue crack growth under mixed-mode loading has advanced the understanding of structural integrity in engineering applications.

Dr. Abbadi’s expertise extends beyond academia, as he has also served in industry roles focusing on the development of cutting-edge technologies for machining, durability assessment of industrial components, and evaluation of mechanical performance in aerospace applications.

With a distinguished career marked by academic excellence, groundbreaking research, and industry impact, Dr. Mohammad Abbadi continues to be a leading figure in the field of mechanical engineering, inspiring the next generation of engineers and researchers to push the boundaries of knowledge and innovation.