Prof. Reda Abdel Hameed Abdelghany

Professor, Al-Azhar University Egypt

World Ranking of Top 2% Scientists” in the database created by
experts at Stanford University, USA. 2020-2023
Professor of applied physical chemistry, he is graduated with the professor degree in physical chemistry
from the Faculty of Science, Al-Azhar University, Dr. Reda Abdel Hameed Published more than 120
research articles in international journals, and participate in more than 10 international Scientific
conferences. His name was listed in (the “World Ranking of Top 2% Scientists” in 2021 database created
by experts at Stanford University, USA. Dr. Reda supervised more than 10 Master and PhD Students, he
is reviewer for more than 30 scientific journals, he carried out research projects in applied organic
chemistry, physical chemistry, green chemistry, and materials sciences. He has more than 25 years of
teaching experience as an assistant, associate, and full professor in Egypt and the Saudi Arabia, he is
experts in the quality and development as he worked as quality manager 10 years, he is an international
accreditation team member for academic and institutional accreditation. Dr. Reda Abdel Hameed worked
as Director of the Training and Development Unit at the University of Hail, in addition to his work as the
General Coordinator of Quality and Development. He has provided a large number of training courses
and workshops for faculty members. He also worked as a general coordinator for community service and
continuing education programs, during which he presented many community initiatives and training
programs for the various spectrums of society from the Department of Education, environmental, health,
and Civil Defense. He also supervised many students of talent and creativity in the KSA, where students
under his supervision won the Grand Prize and the Gold Award. He also won the University of Hail’s
Scientific Research Award, the Best Course Specification Award, the Best Academic Work Mechanisms,
and the Best Academic Program Coordinator Award. He won the award for the best lecturer in an
international conference. He also won the teaching award at the University of Hail. He won first place in
the International Excellence Award in Scientific Research 2023.