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Greening Spain: Powering The Nation With Hydrogen

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Spain is increasingly positioning itself as a key player in the green hydrogen sector, driven by a combination of favorable geographic conditions, strong political commitment, and substantial investments.

1. Geographic Advantages: Spain boasts abundant solar and wind resources, which are crucial for producing green hydrogen via electrolysis. The country’s extensive coastline also offers opportunities for offshore wind projects, further enhancing its renewable energy capabilities.

2. Government Support: The Spanish government has shown a strong commitment to developing the green hydrogen sector. In 2020, Spain launched its Hydrogen Roadmap, which aims to achieve 4 GW of installed electrolyzer capacity by 2030. This plan includes various incentives and support mechanisms to promote green hydrogen production and utilization.

3. Investment and Partnerships: Significant investments are being made by both public and private sectors in Spain’s green hydrogen infrastructure. Spanish energy companies like Iberdrola and Repsol are heavily investing in green hydrogen projects. Additionally, international partnerships and collaborations with other European countries are helping to drive technological advancements and market integration.

4. Strategic Projects: Several large-scale green hydrogen projects are underway in Spain. For example, the Puertollano project by Iberdrola is set to become one of the largest green hydrogen production facilities in Europe. There are also plans for developing hydrogen corridors to facilitate the transport and export of green hydrogen to other parts of Europe.

5. Economic and Environmental Goals: Spain sees green hydrogen as a key component of its strategy to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. The development of the green hydrogen sector is expected to create jobs, stimulate economic growth, and enhance energy security while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Greening Spain: Powering The Nation With Hydrogen - Energy Evolution Expo

Spain is emerging as a key player in the green hydrogen sector, leveraging its abundant renewable energy resources, particularly solar and wind power. Here are some notable green hydrogen projects and initiatives in Spain:

1. Hydrogen Valley of Catalonia

The Hydrogen Valley of Catalonia is a significant initiative aimed at establishing a robust hydrogen economy in the region. This project, supported by the European Union and the Catalan government, focuses on developing a comprehensive hydrogen ecosystem that includes production, storage, distribution, and utilization. The valley will integrate various renewable energy sources to produce green hydrogen, which will be used across different sectors such as transportation, industry, and residential heating.

2. Puertollano Industrial Complex

The Puertollano Industrial Complex, operated by Iberdrola, is one of the largest green hydrogen projects in Spain. Located in the province of Ciudad Real, this project features a 20 MW electrolyzer powered by a 100 MW solar PV plant. The green hydrogen produced will be used by Fertiberia, a leading fertilizer company, to manufacture green ammonia, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of its production processes.


3. Basque Hydrogen Corridor

The Basque Hydrogen Corridor, also known as BH2C, is an ambitious initiative aimed at creating a green hydrogen value chain in the Basque Country. The project involves multiple stakeholders, including energy companies, research institutions, and local governments. The corridor plans to integrate renewable energy sources to produce green hydrogen for industrial applications, transportation, and energy storage. Key participants include Repsol, Petronor, and the Energy Cluster of the Basque Country.


4. H2PORTS Project

The H2PORTS project focuses on the implementation of hydrogen technologies in port operations, aiming to make ports more sustainable and environmentally friendly. The Port of Valencia is at the forefront of this initiative, with plans to use green hydrogen for powering terminal handling equipment and other port operations. The project is supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program and involves various partners, including the Valencia Port Foundation and the Spanish National Hydrogen Centre.

5. Energías Renovables de la Mancha (ERM)

Energías Renovables de la Mancha (ERM) is a large-scale green hydrogen project in Castilla-La Mancha. The project aims to develop a 50 MW electrolyzer powered by wind and solar energy. The green hydrogen produced will be used in various sectors, including transportation, industry, and power generation. This project is part of Spain’s broader strategy to integrate renewable energy sources and decarbonize its economy.

6. Green Crane Initiative

The Green Crane initiative, led by Enagás and partners such as Naturgy and Exolum, aims to develop green hydrogen infrastructure and promote its use in Spain and Southern Europe. The project focuses on the production, transportation, and distribution of green hydrogen, with the goal of creating a hydrogen corridor that connects different regions and facilitates the export of green hydrogen to other European countries.


7. CEPSA’s Green Hydrogen Plans

Compañía Española de Petróleos, S.A.U. (CEPSA), a leading Spanish energy company, has announced plans to invest in green hydrogen production. CEPSA aims to develop green hydrogen projects that utilize renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, to produce hydrogen for industrial applications and transportation. The company is exploring various partnerships and projects to achieve its green hydrogen goals.


8. Repsol’s Green Hydrogen Strategy

Repsol, a major Spanish energy company, has committed to becoming a leader in green hydrogen production. The company plans to invest heavily in renewable hydrogen projects and develop a comprehensive hydrogen strategy that includes production, storage, and distribution. Repsol’s initiatives include the development of a 10 MW electrolyzer in Bilbao and several other projects aimed at producing green hydrogen for industrial use and transportation.


9. Sabadell Green Hydrogen Project- Catalina

The city of Sabadell, in collaboration with various stakeholders, is developing a green hydrogen project aimed at producing and utilizing hydrogen for municipal transportation and industrial applications. The project involves the construction of a hydrogen production facility powered by renewable energy, which will supply green hydrogen to fuel cell buses and other vehicles in the city.

10. Galicia Green Hydrogen Hub

The Galicia Green Hydrogen Hub is an initiative aimed at establishing a comprehensive green hydrogen ecosystem in the region of Galicia. The project involves multiple stakeholders, including energy companies, research institutions, and local governments. The hub will focus on producing green hydrogen using wind and solar power and utilizing it across various sectors, including transportation, industry, and residential heating.

These projects reflect Spain’s strong commitment to developing a green hydrogen economy. With its favorable renewable energy resources and supportive government policies, Spain is well-positioned to become a significant player in the global green hydrogen market, contributing to the country’s and the world’s decarbonization goals. Spain is rapidly emerging as a green hydrogen hub, driven by significant projects like the Catalina green hydrogen initiative.

With ambitions to produce up to 84,000 tonnes of green hydrogen annually and to decarbonize critical industrial sectors, Spain is positioning itself at the forefront of the renewable hydrogen market. The country’s strategic investments, advanced technological capabilities, and supportive policies align with European Union goals, reinforcing Spain’s leadership in the global energy transition.

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